Snapdragon Glass Tumbler Candle

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Snapdragon is a beautiful floral musky scent, with a unsual touch of freshness about it.  It is a blend of oriental blossoms, gentle snapdragon and bergamot, with base notes of patchouli.  It is a very comforting cosy fragrance which fills the room with a gorgeous aroma.

Perfect for any room of the home.

This product is hand-made and therefore each product may differ slightly from the one in the photograph. This is the nature of home-made products. Please also be aware that scents in candles grow the stronger the longer they are left before burning. Naked flames in any area of the home are a risk. Please ensure you read all safety information, given to you when you purchase your candle. This product is handmade in the heart of North Yorkshire, England. A mostly rural county with two national parks, the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors.

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