Luxury Hand Gel Santizer Fresh Fragrance 60ml

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Luxury Hand Sanitiser Gel with Moisturiser – 60ml – contains over 70% Alcohol

This hand gel is a new product for us but it caught our eye due to it having added moisturisers as alcohol gel drys the hands.  It has lovely fresh aroma to it too, so you hands smell lovely as well as soft after use.  As this product has a luxury fragrance and moisturisers added to it, this is why it is more expensive than the multi-purpose hand sanitizer.

Please note because this is new product for us, we have very limited stock, if you find this product is out of stock and you would like some, do get in touch because if it is popular will we order more.

  •  Will help kill 99.9% of germs and has shown to be effective against common bacteria and viruses.
  •  Over 70% Alcohol
  •  Fast Drying
  •  Enhance skin hydration, leaving hands feeling smooth




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