Eee By Gum Glass Tumbler Candle

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Eee by Gum is bursting full of the fruity fragrance of delicious blueberries. It is blended with a touch vanilla, to give it a touch of sweetness, but you cannot really smell the vanilla, its just blueberries.  This scent is perfect for you if you like strong fruity fragrances.

Perfect for any room of the home.

This product is hand-made and therefore each product may differ slightly from the one in the photograph. This is the nature of home-made products. Please also be aware that scents in candles grow the stronger the longer they are left before burning. Naked flames in any area of the home are a risk. Please ensure you read all safety information, given to you when you purchase your candle. This product is handmade in the heart of North Yorkshire, England. A mostly rural county with two national parks, the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors.

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